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Development and Optimization of Assessment Tools: ECoG, eCAP, ACC

The cochlear implant electrophysiology laboratory has a long-standing history of contributing to the development and optimization of clinical tools that aid in the assessment of auditory function for individuals with cochlear implants. Paul Abbas and Carolyn Brown have been instrumental particularly in establishing methods for obtaining electrically evoked compound action potentials, auditory change complex, and electrocochleography in cochlear implant recipients. We are privileged to build on the foundation they established.


Preservation of Peripheral Structure and Function

The University of Iowa is a leader in hearing preservation with cochlear implantation. Our lab supports ongoing efforts to develop techniques and treatments that further reduce trauma and minimize the body’s immune reaction to the implant and to evaluate the utilization of acoustic and electric hearing in the same ear.


Impact of Peripheral Function on Clinical Outcomes

We aim to characterize the ability of the periphery to faithfully encode and process auditory stimulation and to explore the role of peripheral encoding on benefit from cochlear implantation.